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FutureSource iFS provides a means to integrate roubust futures components into your own website. Each component leverages the efficient and reliable Intercontinental Exchange Data Stream that is well known throughout the industry. From integrated charts to integrated news, experience the power of iFS.

The FutureSource IFS Chart Imaging Service enables the end user to view delayed Intercontinental Exchange data using our proprietary charting technology.

 Thumbnail Charts
Using FutureSource's IFS Thumbnail Chart component, you can view market information on a particular market and customize its appearance. of sizes.

Integrate intraday pricing on the markets and contacts of your choice by including FutureSource IFS Quotes into your site.

 Market View
Incorporate a quick view of a specific market set by adding our Market View technology to your project.

 News Headlines
Provide your visitors with up-to-the-minute news and analysis from the global OsterDowJones Commodity News team.

 News Story
Merge timely, market-impacting stories and analysis from OsterDowJones Commodity News into your site for added impact.

 Quick Search
Easily integrate contract searching into your website, allowing customers to search a variety of markets to find the data they need.

 Quotes and Chart
Your customers can retrieve quotes and charts instantly by adding our Quotes and Charts component to your site.

Quick and easy access to the Master Symbol List provides your clients with the symbols on the contracts they trade.

Search the definitions of words you and other traders use most by accessing our Glossary.

Ever wonder what an individual indicator study actually does? Our Studies package gives you a brief explanation what each study does, and why.