Quotes and Charts

Using the FutureSource iFS Quotes and Charts component, you can integrate the ability for customers to retrieve charts or quotes in seconds.  As with most iFS components, this component can be integrated into your website via Frames, Inline Frames, or even Javascript.  For more information about including components into your site please visit "Including Components In My Site".


Component URL: https://ifs.dataservices.theice.com/quotes/quotesandcharts.jsp

JavaScript URL: https://ifs.dataservices.theice.com/js/quotes/quotesandcharts.jsp


This component can be included via the iFS GET method using "QUOTESANDCHARTS as the action variable.  For more information about using the iFS GET method please visit "Using the iFS GET Method".




Default Value


Defines the width of the quick search component.



When included via JavaScript, all searches will go to the specified clickthru page. If no clickthru page is specified, all clicks will refresh the current page with new parameters and specify the action to be either 'quote' or 'chart' depending on the search mode selected.

All other methods of inclusion will clickthru to either https://ifs.dataservices.theice.com/quotes/quotes.jsp or https://ifs.dataservices.theice.com/charts/charts.jsp depending on the search mode selected.